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New conditions come with new times. They, in turn, require new solutions and innovative approaches. Under the hard conditions of crisis, that began its triumphant march across the Planet with the catastrophic fracture of the leading global exchanges in autumn of 2007, this kind of innovative solutions becomes more relevant than ever. While governments of the world powers and major international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank, are "working" on the creation of the so-called "new world monetary order" and "effective control levers", experts and lawyers of San Fenikss Inversiones S.L. developed their own financial and management model that was so simple that it is quite possible to be called great.

San Fenikss Inversiones S.L. works on the principle of a private club. Its participants have access to the unique financial services and investment opportunities that are developed by the specialists of the company by themselves or in cooperation with their associated partners - private investors, funds and other financial institutions from countries all over the world. This partnership allows us to solve the most unusual and complex tasks and to organize the financing of commercial projects almost all over the world. Our epicenter is usually the projects from the value of M Euro 5 M to 500 Euro. We finance the convincing projects from almost all social stratums.

San Fenikss Inversiones S.L. takes the assets in trust management on beneficial terms and provides the wide range of unique and innovative solutions that can be easily and quickly adapted to any financial or production situation.