The shares issued in total      1225          The shares remained      984        Emission  "A"

1. Question: Why do I need to buy the shares?

Answer: Club system is one of the oldest consumer systems in the world that have been known since the days of the Roman Empire, if not sooner. This system of cooperation has survived for many years and served as the prototype to the new forms of commercial and consumer cooperation, such as the banks, insurance and private commercial companies and others. On the one hand, the crushing of cost of goods and services makes them available to wide range of clients and consumers, because it gets not too onerous for their budget. On the other hand, the cost of membership of one or another organization considers the social stratum of the members, their usual standard of living, their requests to the quality and level of provided service or the goods and so on. In addition the participation of certain sum in the enterprise or in the club disciplines the client or customer, causing him to assess his positions, opportunities and needs more carefully and responsibly.

2. Question: And what guaranties I have that I will get the requested service?

Answer: Firstly, almost all our financial and legal services are developed on the principle of “plug and play”, in other words they are completely self-contained product, like a computer program, that gives at the output the final product - the project financing, legal and audit services and so on. So when we sign a contract with the client and start working, we follow all the questions through. We are not interested in wasting our time just for developing of business plan and so on.

Secondly, some of our directors are also the members of the board of directors or supervisory board of Investment Company and thus are able to provide directly enough weighty influence on the decision of the credit committee.

Thirdly, when we talk about the financing organization, in this case, our main income is paid by commission that we receive only after successful closing of the transaction. All other payments are almost always the costs that more or less cover the expenses of the preparatory period. Therefore, we are interested as much as the client that his project received financing.