The shares issued in total      1225          The shares remained      984        Emission  "A"

San Fenikss Inversiones S.L. Investment Company works on the principle of a private club. To become our client and to get access to the services every new potential client must purchase at least one share of the San Fenikss Inversiones S.L. Investment Company. By purchasing of a share of value of 5000 Euro, the client is granted the status of a club member and gains the right to receive financing in the form of the direct investments or a loan of up to 500,000 Euro. Club member gains also the right to the service of trust assets management with minimal risk and extremely high dividends and can make an investment or give the company the loan of the same amount. Every member of private club has the right to buy as many shares as he needs to solve his financial problems.

In case of paid services order the club members receive the big discounts and other benefits.
The rights to providing of some support services are delegated to affiliated British auditing company Blue Star Development Ltd.

The cost of extending of membership in the club for the every next year is 3600 Euro.
Pre-schedule exit from the club is decided individually.

More detailed the procedure of acquisition of shares, conditions and operating procedures for every type of service are prescribed in the relevant brochures that are sent to potential clients on request.

There will be put up for sale 4,900 shares. The shares are issued in 4 emissions, each of 1,225 shares. Current statistics on the realized and free shares and on the index number of emission is reflected on this page at the top left.