The shares issued in total      1225          The shares remained      984        Emission  "A"

It's no coincidence that one beautiful summer’s day few ambitious men and women met in the South of Spain and decided to combine their knowledge, experience and financial resources to work together and thus to expand their capabilities. As a result of this symbiosis in November 2012 San Fenikss Inversiones S.L. Investment Company was arose there.

On the basis of old as the hills principle – the more simply, the more reliable, - we have tried to simplify the whole mechanism of the financing organization and realization of projects to the level of “nail and hammer”. And we believe that it was succeeded us. First we had to go back on the road of the development of the world financial thought for few centuries back and to see when and where the “ship” could get off course. Meanwhile, after careful analysis it emerged that a lot of “overload” had accumulated on the shipboard that as unnecessary ballast impairs mobility, inertial characteristics and buoyancy of the vessel. Therefore, on board it was left only the most valuable and necessary. And, of course, the most important thing is to choose a suitable captain and crew.

It should also be noted that in our “ship documents” you will not find any complex scientific terminology or verbal “equilibristic” that are so popular today by some companies and banks to confuse the clients or to sell their services more expensive. All rules and regulations are written in plain language.

After it all was done, we allowed ourselves to invite to board the first “passengers”. We will be glad to see you among the passengers of our glorious ship. And we are confident that this voyage with us will give you a real pleasure, and service will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding.